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We are modern vehicle specialists. We have the knowledge, expertise and sophisticated equipment to service and repair your vehicle.

Our highly skilled service technicians, combined with a state of the art purpose built workshop, provide the right combination for top-class servicing of your vehicle. While we work on your vehicle we will be using genuine parts, protective covers and all fluids required will be of the highest quality as recommended by the manufacturer.

Any unforeseen work that needs attention will always require your approval beforehand. All Repairs and Services follow strict quality control guidelines and come with a Parts & Labour Guarantee.

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Routine Servicing

There are two standard options for routine servicing:

Basic service

To prevent wear, damage and maintain good performance, a minimum basic service should be performed on your vehicle every 10,000kms or 6 months. This includes:

  • Add Wynns engine flush
  • Replace engine oil, oil filter and sump plug washer
  • Check all under bonnet fluid levels
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Note any further work that needs attention

Full Service

For better protection and to assist in prolonging the life of your vehicle, we recommend a Full Service

  • Add Wynns engine flush and injector cleaner
  • Replace engine oil, oil filter and sump plug washer
  • Check all under bonnet fluid levels
  • Check all under vehicle fluid levels (gearbox, transmission, differential and transfer case if equipped)
  • Check tyre condition and pressures including spare
  • Check spark plugs, air and fuel filters
  • Remove wheels (and drums if equipped), clean and adjust brakes and handbrake
  • Rotate tyres
  • Check lights, accessory drive belts and hoses
  • Check cam belt due date
  • Replace front and rear wiper blades
  • Road test
  • Report any work that needs attention
Routine Servicing
Routine Servicing
Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance
Routine Servicing

WOF Inspections

We carry out and issue all WOF’s in accordance with LTA safety inspection regulations and can inspect the following vehicles:

  • Cars, Vans, light trucks and 4WDs
  • Domestic trailers, boat trailers, caravans and horse floats
Warrant of Fitness Inspections

Mechanical Repairs & Maintenance

Our highly qualified Mechanics can carry out all repairs and maintenance such as:

  • Cam belt/timing belt replacement
  • Clutches
  • Gearbox and diff repairs or replacement
  • Brake servicing and repairs
  • Radiator and cooling system repairs
  • Suspension and steering repairs
  • Head and engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Drive line and CV joint repairs
  • Fuel system repairs
  • Tow bar fitting
Mechanical Repairs and MaintenanceMechanical Repairs and Maintenance
Replacing worn shock absorbers reduces stopping distance and increases comfort and handling

Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

We can carry out all electrical repairs and maintenance such as:

  • Alternator and starter motor repairs
  • Supply and fit stereos and speakers, etc
  • Electric window repairs
  • Wiper motor and linkage repairs
  • Heating and ventilation repairs
  • Light repairs and accessory fitting
  • Body electrical repairs, door locks, etc
  • Accessory fitting
  • Speedo and instrument repairs
Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Checking a vehicle for fault codes with one of our computer diagnostic scan tools


We have invested and continue to invest in the training, tools, information and back up needed to keep us ahead in this ever increasing field of automotive servicing. We have two high quality scan tools and a high quality scope to help us diagnose any electrical fault your vehicle may have.

We are members of the highly regarded YES! Automotive diagnostic network of Australasia and are committed to on-going training and up-skilling of all our staff to keep us up to date with the latest technology. This saves you time and money because having highly trained and skilled technicians right here on your door step means you don’t have to go out of the area for diagnostics of electrical faults.

We can diagnose and repair faults with systems such as:

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Air bags (SRS)
  • Electronic Fuel injection (EFI)
  • Automatic transmission control
  • Common rail electronic diesel injection
  • Traction control
  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Check engine lights
  • Misfires
  • Poor or erratic idle
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Hard starting

The diagnostic process involves connecting a scan tool and checking codes from your vehicles’ on-board computers, this can lead us directly to the fault or if further diagnosis is needed we’re able to use a scope for extremely fast and accurate measurements.


Checking engine sensors with a high speed scope enables us to find complex faults quickly and efficiently

Transmission Flush

We have a Transmission flush machine to enable us to flush all of the fluid from your automatic transmission.

Just like engine oil the transmission oil needs replacing periodically as the oil gets contaminated with use, towing heavy loads such as boats is hard on your transmission and can cause it to overheat or slip, replacing the oil is needed more often if you tow regularly.

This extends the life of your transmission, improves shift quality and can save you expensive repairs.

Transmission Flush Equipment

Our automatic transmission flush machine enables 99% of the old fluid to be replaced quickly and keeps your transmission in top condition avoiding costly repairs


We stock a wide range of high quality Exide automotive batteries at competitive prices and have full testing and charging facilities. We can recommend and supply the correct battery for any requirement.


Power steering Flush

We also have a power steering flush machine to change the oil in your power steering system, flushing the fluid will extend the life of the steering components such as the steering rack and pump and smooth out heavy steering and help to avoid costly repairs.

Trailers / Caravans / Horse floats

As well as WOF’s, we can perform all electrical, structural, wheel bearings, suspension and brake repairs needed.


We have a large number of Automotive & Trailer Accessories and Parts.

Please visit our workshop or get in contact with us to find out more

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