Air Conditioning

To keep your AC system efficient and reliable it needs to be serviced every 2 years. This is because with normal use, it looses gas over this time.

Common Issues

The most common complaint is that the air con is not getting cold, this could be due to a lack of refrigerant gas or an issue with the electrical control side of the system such as a seized compressor or faulty pressure sensor.

Refrigerant will leak slowly over time and once the pressure gets low enough the system will stop working or only work sometimes, this is why all manufacturers recommend the air con system be serviced periodically.

Other common causes of low or no gas include leaking seals/O rings and damaged condensers from stones hitting them as the condenser sits in front of the radiator.

We can carry out all air con and heating repairs and maintenance such as:

  • Not blowing cold air
  • Not blowing hot air
  • Not turning on
  • Not changing from feet/face/screen etc.
  • One side not working or not changing temp (dual systems)
Air Conditioning
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