Inboard Servicing

We can service all makes and models of petrol or diesel inboard and sterndrive systems.

We have a dedicated marine scan tool to access EFI engine computers. Our comprehensive service includes servicing the motor, stern leg, boat and trailer.

Service includes:

  • Run Combustion Cleaner Through Engine
  • Check Fuel System & Replace Filters
  • Check Electrical Starting & Charging System
  • Test Batteries
  • Replace Spark Plugs & Check Ignition
  • Compression Test (diesel engines when required)
  • Change Oil & Filter
  • Check Cooling System (Water Pump, Thermostats, Warning System)
  • Replace Gear Oil
  • Lube Motor & Trailer
  • Check Computer (ECU, EMM) & Download History / Fault Codes
  • Check All Electrics on Boat (Sounder, GPS, VHF, Bilge Pump, Nav / Cabin Lights)
  • Inspect Trailer for WOF / Safety Check
  • Lube Jockey Wheel & Winch
Marine Inboard Servicing

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