Servicing and Repairs

We have experience servicing and repairing all makes and models.

We believe that servicing your vehicle is all about making sure it is safe, reliable and efficient at a fair price. Preventative maintenance is proven to be far cheaper than breakdowns and repairs which is why we aim to service your vehicle to a high standard and give you advanced warning for any upcoming maintenance issues we identify.

Our servicing options include:

Basic Service
Standard service
Premium service
Hybrid service
EV service

We can also service vehicles under manufacturers warranty or under mechanical insurance warranties such as Autosure, Protecta, etc. We are also an authorised repairer for Autosure, Protecta, etc.

Doing the job right at the right price for the customer is important to us, so we will keep you informed and in charge for any job. We have a quality control process and two days after your job, we’ll check in with a follow-up text, to see if everything is satisfactory with the work completed.

Why choose us?

Engine flush: All services include adding an engine flush additive before changing the engine oil and filter, this helps clean the inside of the engine extending its life and efficiency.

Injector cleaner: Standard and premium services include an injector cleaner additive in the fuel tank, this is to help clean the fuel system and injectors increasing fuel efficiency.

Diagnostic scan: Standard and Premium services include a diagnostic scan of all on board computers such as engine, ABS (anti lock brakes), SRS (air bags) for stored fault codes, this can alert us to any upcoming or potential issues with the electronics such as sensors, injectors, etc. We then print and attach an electronic vehicle health report to your invoice.

High quality guaranteed parts: we only use high quality guaranteed parts, oils, additives, fluids and filters on your vehicle, this ensures safety, reliability and efficiency.

MTA code of ethics: we adhere to the MTA code or ethics in all our dealings, click here for more info.

MTA assured and guaranteed: all our work is cover by a parts and labour guarantee, click here on the MTA website for more details.

Custom services: Services can be tailored to you, your vehicle, it’s mileage, useage and service history, this means your vehicle doesn’t get over or under serviced and helps keep the cost to a minimum while helping to prevent inconvenient and potentially costly breakdowns or repairs.

No surprises: our processes ensure you will always be kept informed and in charge of what you are spending on your vehicle. No work will be performed with out your prior approval.

We offer free pick up and delivery (within 5-10 min drive of our shop), 4 free loan cars (bookings required), quick booking and turnaround times.

Please contact us for a quote to service your vehicle.

Our highly qualified technicians can carry out all repairs and maintenance such as:

  • Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement
  • Clutches
  • Gearbox & Differential Repairs / Replacement
  • Brake Servicing & Repairs
  • Radiator & Cooling System Repairs
  • Suspension & Steering Repairs
  • Head & Engine Repairs / Rebuilds
  • Drive line & CV Joint Repairs
  • Fuel System Repairs

    General Enquiry

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